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ATM & Debit Cards

Added Security for your Fidelity State Bank & Trust Co. Visa Check Card


To further protect you, you will begin receiving texts and/or emails asking you to confirm if suspicious purchases on your Visa Check Card are valid or not. You will ONLY be asked to verify if you did make the purchase(s) or not, you will not be asked for account or personal information.

Keeping you protected is important to us and we are excited to offer these new enhanced fraud services to you!


SecureLOCK Falcon Fraud Scoring

Fidelity State Bank & Trust Company utilizes Fraud Scoring on all debit card accounts.  This program adds a layer of protection from possible account fraud by detecting debit card fraud quickly and accurately, minimizing your risk and protecting against losses.

How does it work?

Each of your Fidelity State Bank & Trust Company debit card transactions is assigned a score on a risk-based scale; the higher the score the greater the likelihood of fraud.  If the transaction is determined to be high risk, a Falcon Fraud Manager will attempt to contact you to determine whether the transaction is legitimate.  If the Falcon Fraud Manager cannot make contact with you, depending on the severity of the score, a temporary block may be put on your account to prevent fraudulent transactions.  Both PIN-based and signature-based transactions are monitored 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

What do Fidelity State Bank & Trust Company customers need to do to take advantage of this program? 
This program is being offered to our customers at no cost. The program should not affect the way you use your accounts in any way. However, it is very important that we have accurate contact information for you in our records in order to best take advantage of this service. Please be sure to contact us to update your information if you change your phone number or email address.

Why do Fidelity State Bank & Trust Company customers need to know about this program?
Due to the nature of the program, cardholders will be contacted by telephone on behalf of Fidelity State Bank & Trust Company when Falcon Fraud Managers detect a suspicious transaction or transactions on an account. This call will be an attempt to verify that transactions were actually made by the cardholder. The help desk representative will ask to verify the last 4 digits of your social security number or tax ID number. These calls will be made during the following hours:

• Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m. CT
• Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays 9:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m. CT

Will this affect me when I go on vacation or travel abroad?
Yes!  Usually when you travel on vacation or go abroad it is not a part of your “normal” consumer purchasing behavior.  For this reason it is strongly recommended that before going on vacation or traveling abroad you alert Fidelity State Bank & Trust Company’s card department personnel.

What can I do to help?
All Fidelity State Bank & Trust Company customers are strongly encouraged to review their account activity as often as possible.  This can be done by phone, online or through monthly statements.  Any time a customer identifies a suspicious or unauthorized transaction on an account they must report it immediately.  This can be done by phone, in person or in writing.  The quicker you report, the quicker Fidelity State Bank & Trust Company can act to identify and prevent any further suspicious or unauthorized activity.

Fidelity State Bank & Trust Company wants to take the time to thank you for the opportunity to serve your banking needs and will continue to do all we can to see that your banking experience is a pleasant one. If you have any questions, please call us at (785) 295-2100.

We do business Right here at home
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