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ATM & Debit Cards

Understanding Your Debit Card Limits

Why does my debit card have a limit? Can't I just use my card until I don't have any money left in my account?

Debit card limits are an added safeguard against fraud. In the event your card is lost/stolen, debit card limits are one way to ensure criminals steal a limited amount of money.

Are there different types of limits?

Cash Withdrawal Limit - maximum amount of cash you are allowed to withdraw from an ATM during a 24-hour period.

Daily Withdrawal Limit - maximum amount of all cash withdrawals and purchases allowed within a 24-hour period.

What are my actual limits?

While limits vary on a customer-by-customer basis, our standard limits are:

Cash Withdrawal Limit: $400
Daily Withdrawal Limit: $750

ATM owners may assess a "surcharge fee" for cash withdrawals. Please note that surcharge fees are included when calculating your remaining available funds.

If you are unsure of your debit card limits, please feel free to contact Customer Service at (785) 295-2100.

Can I request a change to my debit card limit?

Most definitely. You may request a permanent change or a temporary change for a one-time large purchase. However, for our protection and yours, we may decline requests for excessive limits.

We do business Right here at home
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