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Fraud Alerts - Spoof emails or websites

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Typical Characteristics of Spoof Emails or Spoof Websites 

The email you received or website you are directed to may not be legitimate if it:

    • Has a generic greeting like “Attention Member.”
    • Includes a request to provide personal information, to verify your password, or to confirm account information.
    • Includes a forged Fidelity address in the "From" line of the email. For example, "From:" or "From:".  Just because the sender line includes “” does not guarantee that the email is from Fidelity.
    • Contains threats of account suspension or urges quick action to resolve problems with your account.
    • Contains links to web pages that look exactly like Fidelity’s sign in page.
    •  How to React to a Suspicious Email 
      • Do not send personal information using email. Fidelity will never ask you to send your account password or other sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, in an email.
      • Never click on a link in an email if you are unsure of its origins, especially if the email asks for personal or financial information.
      • Never enter your Fidelity username and password on a page that doesn't have "" immediately before the first forward slash (/).Even if the Web address contains the word "Fidelity", if it also includes additional characters prior to the forward slash, such as "@," dashes, etc., it is not a valid Fidelity page.
      • When in doubt, open a new browser window and go directly to the Fidelity website (
      • Monitor your account for suspicious activities that indicate that it has been compromised.


We do business Right here at home
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